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2020 Trends for Wedding Balloon Décor

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Now that 2020 is fast here, spring is certainly on its way. This also means that it’s the beginning of the year’s hectic wedding season. Now that dresses are ordered and venues are booked, a lot of couples are beginning to fix their attention on greater details, like a wedding decoration. There are plenty of fresh balloon wedding colors, details, styles, and looks, which are yet to be more popular and be included in 2020 trends. Here are some of the most used balloon decoration trends this 2020: 


It doesn’t matter if weddings mainly focus on traditions, wedding decorations provide couples to modify their day to show their personalities and interests. You can do whatever style or theme that interests you the most, which you want to be accentuated on your special day. With this in mind, you can see more large displays of decorations and more massive wedding balloons according to the themes that are more than just simple color schemes. 

Textured balloon decoration 

Regardless if it’s lighting, fabric tassels, florals, foliage, and glitter, textured balloon decoration are now included in the 2020 wedding décor trend. As 2020 go by, we will see that wedding balloon decorations adhere to home decoration trend, improving its effect by giving different types of textures.? 

Balloon ceilings 

While walls, garlands, and arches have become more popular during the previous years, we’re noticing an increasing demand for balloon ceiling. Whether the balloons are filled with ribband helium balloons, concealed with a hung garland, or suspended, having balloon ceilings provide a wedding decoration that’s not experienced before by several wedding guests. Plus, the outcome it provides is remarkable.? 

Balloon backdrops 

Nowadays, most of us want that instagrammable backdrop for us to use on special occasions. Even though photo booths have been used most of the time, flower walls have left the wedding scene. The balloon backdrop’s popularity during weddings is gradually skyrocketing. Couples utilize the focal point to engage and delight visitors as they get more involved during their wedding day and are left with the celebrated and special memories for several years to come.?? 

Classic colors 

Regardless of pastel’s high popularity during 2019, we are anticipating a transition to classic colors as we go on through 2020. Similar to the fashion industry, prepare to notice golds, silver, white (pearl), greens, yellows, and golds. Especially after “Classic Blue” is announced as the color of the year, you can expect it to be the most popular color scheme to be used in any event, such as weddings. 

?Pearl-themed weddings 

It’s expected that pearls will be joining the top 2020 wedding themes. From your wedding cake to stationery and balloon decoration to the bridal wear, pearls give a crisp appearance that you can incorporate into each part of your special day.? 


In 2020, we should be opting for more sustainable decorations as we become more conscious of the decor’s environmental effects. Because of that foil and helium-filled inflatables are yet to be changed by air balloon décor and biodegradable latex. To be assisted, you may contact a reputable?balloon decoration company?today.? 

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